10 Gallons Fish Tanks

Best Fishes For Your 10 Gallons fish tanks


10 Gallons fish tanks offer a great number of possibilities. Space is enough for you to stock a pretty and vibrant fish of your choice. If you make smart moves, you can create a healthy ecosystem for your fishes so that they can live a healthy and happy life.


The problem is the chances of making major mistakes also increase with the tank sizes. If you do not know the temperament of the fish or its requirements, you can end up buying the fishes that are not suitable for your 10 Gallons fish tanks. This can lead to premature death of your fish which can cause severe heartache for you.


The only way to make sure that does not happen is to research the fishes. Never rely on the knowledge of the staff of the pet stores. While some of the staff are no doubt very knowledgeable, others are not so much. In the worst-case scenario, the little information cards available in front of the fish tanks can be completely wrong. To help you out, we have recommended a few fishes that would be perfect for your 10 Gallon fish tank. Keep on reading to know more.


Research About The Fish


While choosing fishes for their freshwater fish tanks, most people get confused about the number of fishes. How many fishes are perfect for the tank? Well, there is no right answer to this question. The space requirement of each fish is different from the others. So, do research to understand the specific requirements of the fishes you want to keep in the tank.


Fishes Perfect for Your 10 Gallons fish tanks


The following fishes can be good choices for your freshwater aquarium. All these fishes should live peacefully with each other. However, if you overstock your fish tank, the fishes may not get along with each other. Also, the list does not prod you to put all these fishes in your tank at the same time. Study about the fish species and learn to mix and match your stock.


  • Cory Catfish


Cories are small bottom feeders that grow about 2-3 inches. These fishes are peaceful and entertaining to watch. As the bottom feeders, cories depend on the food that falls to the bottom of the fish tanks. You can give them sinking pellets to make sure that they are getting enough nutrients. However, these fishes will scavenge anything that falls in their area. This habit makes them the perfect cleaning crew for your fish tank. You need to keep at least six of these fishes together to keep them happy and healthy.


  • Neon Tetra


These are vibrant, small fishes that swim around the tank in schools. Just like the cories, these fishes also like to stay with their kind. Plan to form a small school if you are putting these fishes in your 10 Gallons fish tanks. If you are thinking about getting only neon for your 10-gallon aquarium, create a school of ten fishes.


Saying that, make sure that you are not creating an overcrowded condition for them. Even though these fish species are docile, they can still get aggressive towards each other if stressed. It can cause death and disruptions in their ranks.


  • Dwarf Gourami


These colorful fishes are perfect for making your fish tank pop. A couple of these fishes in your planted 10 Gallons aquarium can create incredible sight.


That being said, these fishes fall into the semi-aggressive category. That means there can be trouble in paradise if one of the fishes decides to pick on others. So, if you decide to keep these fishes in your tanks, make sure to create hiding places. It will help the other fishes to save their backs if one becomes dominant.


  • Fancy Guppy


The guppy fishes are colorful, lively and fun to watch. The guppies come in various hues. It gives you the opportunity of becoming creative while choosing the stock. These fishes like to swim around in the top third of the water column. If you are creating a species only aquarium, you do not need to create hiding places and decorations for them. However, be a bit cautious if you are mixing these fishes with the bigger ones. These smaller fishes can turn into lunches for the bigger fishes.


These are some of the fish species that you can keep in your 10 Gallons fish tanks. That does not mean you should stop studying the fishes before buying them. The more you research the fishes, the easy it becomes for you to find the right kinds of fishes for your aquarium.


all sizes gallon fish tanks aquarium for fishes pets
all sizes gallon fish tanks aquarium for fishes pets