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How to Change Water of Your 100 Gallon Fish Tank?

The ecosystem of any aquarium is very delicately balanced. The balance is maintained by an ecosystem formed by the good bacteria that consume the waste products produced by the fishes and turns them into the less toxic ones. These altered chemicals are not that harmful to your aquatic pets and you can easily remove them just through regular maintenance of your freshwater aquarium.


It is easier to maintain the smaller aquarium, but when it comes to the bigger ones, like 100 Gallons fish tanks, it becomes painfully difficult to even change the water regularly.


However, with the help of some smart techniques, you can easily change the water and maintain the water quality of your aquarium as well. In the following section of this article, we have explained a painless and quick method of changing the water of the bigger aquariums. Have a look to know more.


Changing Water of 100 Gallon Water Tanks


When it comes to changing the water of the bigger fish tanks, the task becomes significantly difficult. Most aquarists use siphons for filling and emptying the buckets. Refilling the tank is equally difficult and distressing work. All in all, this method will need you to take more than a dozen trips to the water sources and tank. It is tedious and time-consuming. However, there is a better way of doing this. For that, you need to buy water changing systems available on the market. These systems help you to drain the water of your freshwater aquarium directly to your sink. Once you siphon the water of your tank to the desired level, open the lever and the tank will start to fill.


Even if this sounds difficult, doing this process by hand is extremely easy. To make things even easier for you, we have described the steps which you can follow.


Setting Up the Water Changer


Most of the water changers are designed in such a way that you can simply hook them up to your kitchen sink faucet or similar types of water resources. However, you can take the pipe out of your home to siphon the fish water in your garden or yard. Check the length of the pipe to make sure that it is long enough to cover the length of the area.


Draining Water from the Tank


Once you set the water changer up, all you need to do is, flip off a level. The moment you do that, the water will start draining from your tank.


That being said, you should understand that the water changes should always be partial. You should only take out about 30% of the existing water and then fill it up with fresh water. Never replace all the water of your fish tank at once. While regular water changes are good for your fish, extreme water changes can harm it. So much so, it can even kill the fishes.


Always keep in mind that the motto of changing the water of your 100 Gallons fish tanks is to dilute the levels of natural waste. In the wild, nature has its mechanism of doing this. As your tank is an artificial place, you need to do it on your own.


There is no doubt that the water changes are not equivalent to tank maintenance and cleaning. However, they help a lot when it comes to controlling the waste in the tank. Regular water changes can even prevent algae growth in your tank as well.


Do not switch off the filter while changing the water of your 100 Gallons fish tanks. Just make sure that the water level does not go down to its intake point. That being said, you need to make sure that your water heater is low enough. Keep on tabs on the heating portion and make sure that it does not stick out of the water when you drain it.


Keep Tabs on the Little Fishes


Water draining can take a couple of minutes during which you have nothing to do. But, if you have small fishes in the tank, keep an eye on the open end of the tube. Just make sure that they do not swim inside the tube when they can get stuck.


Refilling the Tank


You need to pull the fill lever on to start the refilling process. Wait for a couple of minutes so that the tank gets filled. It is better to use a timer to make sure you do not forget about it.


There is no doubt that taking care of the freshwater aquarium can be a little demanding. Still, you can make the process easier by choosing smart work over the hard ones. Using the right tool for specific jobs will help you to make things better. It means you will have to take less pain while taking care of your aquarium.


all sizes gallon fish tanks aquarium for fishes pets
all sizes gallon fish tanks aquarium for fishes pets