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Why Do Fishes Swim Up and Down The Sides of The Tank?

Even though fishes cannot vocalize, they can communicate with the owners through their behaviors. If you keep an eye on the behavior of the fishes, you will notice the behavioral changes. It will help you find out the reason for their distress. Glass surfing is one such behavior that offers a wealth of information about the well being of your fish. You just need to know about the reasons why your fishes choose to glass surf your 125 Gallons fish tanks.

One of the most common reasons for glass surfing is stress. It indicates that the fish is not happy in the environment for whatever reason. As the aquarist, it is your responsibility to figure out the cause of the stress and address it. You may have to make some small adjustment to calm the fish down. For example, changing the water sometimes helps to calm the fishes down.


Saying that, the issue, sometimes, starts with the size of the tank or the poor stocking decisions. That is why you should always research the fishes before buying them for your aquarium. In the following section of this article, we have explained some of the common reasons why the fishes exhibit glass surfing behavior in 125 Gallons fish tanks. Check it out.


Poor Water Conditions


One of the basics of keeping the fish stress free is to ensure that the tank water is clean. Waste products build up even in tanks as big as the 125-gallon ones. So, the aquarists should take steps to reduce the stress level of your fish. Of course, it means cycling your tank water properly before you put any fish inside of it.


Once your 125 Gallons fish tanks are up and running, you need to change the water frequently. Learn the technique of vacuuming the gravel while cleaning the tank. If the chemical parameters in the water are normal, fishes are less likely to show any signs of stress. Use water testing kits to test the condition of the water before changing it.


Over Feeding and Overstocking


These are two of the most common problems that induce stress on your fish. Overstocking is perhaps the most common issue, which also has a strong relationship with water quality. Along with the fishes, thousands of microbes live in the water of your tank. It is good for the health of your fish. The microbes break down the waste products and keep the water less toxic. However, overstocking the fish increases the levels of waste products. That can sometimes exceed the bioload ability of the microbe colonies. When that happens, the water can become full pretty quickly.

The same thing happens when you overfeed the fish. When there is too much uneaten food floating inside the tank, it can cause excess algae to build up. Sometimes, it can even cause an outbreak of pest snails. All of these can cause health issues to your fish.


Also, your fish might feel physically overcrowded in an overstocked tank, which can stress them out leading to glass surfing behavior.


About The Schooling


While overstocking the tank is one of the real causes of stress, some fishes love company. For example, fishes, like Guppies, stay happy if you keep two female fish with one male. It offers them the chance of having enough social interaction without causing undue stress to one fish.


For some other types of fish, the more you add, the better. Such fishes live in huge schools when they are out in the wild. That is yet another reason why you should research the fishes before putting them into your 125 Gallons freshwater aquarium. If the schooling fishes are not kept in a large enough school, they can show stressed behavior, like glass surfing, or can even showcase occasional aggression.


For the smaller tanks, you should maintain at least six fishes of the same school. If you keep the fishes in as large an aquarium, as your 125 Gallons fish tanks, increase the number of fishes in the school significantly.


Incompatible Aquarium Mates


While you need to make sure that your fishes are living with the right tank mates, it is also your responsibility to ensure that they are not living with the wrong ones. A bullied fish often experiences a heightened stress level. If you have such a fish in your 125 Gallons freshwater aquarium, you will always find it glass surfing or hiding. It again emphasizes the importance of researching before choosing the fishes for your 125 Gallons fish tanks.


You need to understand that the fishes can do all the different sorts of behavior in the aquarium. It is impossible to understand the reason without noticing their behavior for some time. So, keep tabs on the fishes of your 125 Gallons aquarium and learn along the way.


all sizes gallon fish tanks aquarium for fishes pets
all sizes gallon fish tanks aquarium for fishes pets