15 Gallons Fish Tanks

Common Mistakes People Make While Stocking 15 Gallons of Fish Tanks


Do you think that stocking a fish tank is easy? Well, you cannot be more wrong about anything. Just like you can make good stocking choices for your 15 Gallons fish tanks, you can make a couple of bad ones as well. It is impossible to maintain an aquarium without making a mistake or two. Even the most experienced aquarists have made their fair share of mistakes to gain understanding and knowledge. So, it is better to learn more about the fish and their requirements before buying them for your 10-gallon aquarium. In the following section of this article, we have talked about the types of fishes that you should never buy for a tank of this size. Have a look.


Angel Fishes


It is hard to find any fish that looks more adorable than the baby Angelfishes. The problem is, from the looks of the baby fishes, it is hard to imagine that they can grow more than a foot in height when they mature. A fully grown angelfish is too large for 15 Gallons freshwater fish tanks. Also, Angelfishes are extremely aggressive in nature. That is why you should keep these fish with similar large fishes or the species only fish tanks. If you are thinking about getting angelfish for yourself, get at least 55 gallons fish tanks or bigger ones.


Bala Shark


The Bala Sharks are, perhaps, the most abused aquarium fish species. Most of the time, people buy these sharks as little three inches long cuties for their 15 gallon tanks.


The problem is, Bala Sharks can grow more than one foot in length. Not only that, these are schooling fishes. That means you need to keep a school of Bala Sharks to keep them happy and healthy.


Bala Sharks are fast-moving fishes that can get startled pretty easily. That often makes these powerful fishes act up. There are incidents where the full-grown spooked Bala Sharks have ended up cracking the thick aquarium glass. So, unless you have a giant fish tank in your home, do not ever think of bringing these fishes to your home.




There are two different types of Gourami fishes available In the market. The dwarf Gourami fishes are well suited for the small 15 gallons freshwater aquarium. However, you should not buy the bigger version of this fish if you do not have a big enough tank to keep them. The Gouramis are aggressive and large fishes. Their temperament and characteristics are not as simple as the rest of the fish species. Never keep a pair of Gouramis in tanks with less than 55 gallons capacity. These fishes are attractive and colorful, but they are not suited for the smaller fish tanks.




Before you bring Plecos home, you need to research better. The research will help you understand the nature of the fish and the trouble they can cause you. The Plecos are the fish which is commonly known as the suckerfish. Most of the species of this fish can grow up to a couple of feet. That means the length of the mature fishes is bigger than most of the aquariums.


Also, you cannot keep any living plants in the aquarium in which you have kept Plecos. These fishes are known for their ability to destroy any living plants. Keep driftwood inside the tank for them to rasp on it. Even though there is a rumor that the Plecos help you to clean the algae growth, the truth is not that rosy. If you really want your tank free of algae, you should choose a small school, like Otocinclus catfish.


African Cichlids


The African Cichlids are your best bet to get the vibrance of the saltwater fishes in your freshwater aquarium. While the cichlids can make the aquariums look great, you need to understand the nature of the fish before buying it.


The cichlids are one of the most aggressive fishes. They have a complex nature, and except for a couple of species, most of them do not belong in tanks smaller than 55 gallons. You must not keep two cichlids in the same tank if you do not know how to save them from killing each other. Do not get fooled by their attractive colorful appearance. They are not suitable for your 15 Gallons fish tanks, and they can wreak havoc on your already existing tropical fish environment.


Never rely on the staff of the pet store while buying the fishes for your aquarium. Visit the aquarium first and put down the names of the fishes you like. Then come back to your home and research those fishes to understand what is best for your 15 Gallon fish tank.


all sizes gallon fish tanks aquarium for fishes pets
all sizes gallon fish tanks aquarium for fishes pets