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The Worst Beginners Fishes for Your 150 Gallons Fish Tanks


Choosing the fish for your 150 Gallons fish tanks is one of the crucial decisions. It becomes even more crucial if you do not have any previous experience in handling the fishes. Most amateur aquarists depend on the information provided by the pet store staff. While some of them are extremely knowledgeable, most of them do not have any idea about what they are talking about. That is why relying on their advice can land you in a lot of trouble. To make sure that you do not face tremendous adversities right in the beginning, we have jotted down a list of fishes that you should never buy if you are starting your aquarium for the first time.




Oscar is one of the most popular fishes that aquarists love. This big predatory fish is perfect for filling up big tanks like 150 Gallons aquarium. Oscar is one of the popular members of the Cichlid family. They are known for their aggressive nature and big personalities. Many people enjoy the way Oscars hunts down the feeder fishes that swim too close to it. Even though the matured fishes get bigger, it is hard to ignore the pleading look of the baby Oscars. Never fall for it,


One of the biggest reasons for not bringing Oscar home is the tank size. The Oscars require a lot of space, and only the big tanks, like 150 Gallons fish tanks, are perfect for it. Most beginners do not start with such a large tank. Always keep in mind that the Oscars grow up to 18 inches and develop a considerable body weight. You also have to make sure that there are no other fishes in the tank where you keep your Oscar.


Oscars are also susceptible to the hole in the head disease, which is not that easy to treat. To keep the Oscar healthy and happy, you need to change the water regularly to make sure that the nitrate level in the tank water does not rise. Also, giving the feeder fishes that many aquarists offer the Oscar can bring in various diseases. If you choose to put feeder fishes, make sure to quarantine them in a separate tank and check for diseases, before putting them in the same tank with the Oscar.


Neon Tetra


The bright colors of the Neon Tetras make it one of the popular choices among beginner aquarists. The size of the fishes is yet another reason why amateur aquarists choose this kind of fishes for their collection. However, Neon Tetras do not cope well with the changes in their environment. It can lead to many problems when you bring new neon tetras for your 150 Gallons fish tank. You cannot just hold the bag of Neon Tetra in the water for ten minutes and leave the fish inside of the tank.


These fishes require far more attention than that. Add a small amount of aquarium water to its bags to make sure that it acclimatizes with your 150 Gallons fish tanks. Even then, these fishes can go in shock pretty easily. They also need clear water to stay healthy and happy inside the aquarium. So, you need to change the water frequently to make sure that your neons do not start to die without any apparent reasons. Their sensitive bearings make it difficult for the beginner to handle them.


Deformed or Dyed Fish


Even though it sounds impossible, some of the pet stores use dye to enhance the color of the fishes. The painted Glassfish, Fruit Parrots and Jelly Bean Parrots are some fishes that become scapegoats of such unethical practices. The pet shops inject the artificial color on the skin of the fish.


These injection wounds can become infected, causing pain and stress to the fish. Another method that these unethical practitioners use is to dip the fishes inside a solution that strips the protective slimy layer out of their bodies. After that, these fishes are again dipped in a color solution or injected with the desired dye.


It is not surprising that the lifespan of such fishes is way less than that of their natural ones.

Eighty per cent of the fishes die during the process, and the rest die within months after the dyeing process. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced aquarist, never such fishes for your 150 Gallons aquarium.


Understanding every aspect of taking care of the fishes is difficult for a beginner. If you decide to be an aquarist, make it a habit to read up on the fish related books, magazines and follow good websites to gather more information. The more you know about your fishes and the aquarium, the easier it would be for you to keep your fishes healthy and happy.


all sizes gallon fish tanks aquarium for fishes pets
all sizes gallon fish tanks aquarium for fishes pets