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Sharks That You Can Keep in Your 180 Gallons fish tanks


Have you ever considered getting sharks for your freshwater aquarium? Even though freshwater sharks are not true sharks, their appearance and attitude are just as ferocious.

Unlike other aggressive fishes, the sharks do not react to their tank mates. They only react to the changes in their environment. So, once you put the sharks inside of your 180 Gallons fish tanks, they can take even take a couple of weeks to become comfortable in the new situation.


Once the shark gets comfortable with the environment of your tank, they will mark their territory and will stay inside that area. If the tank size is small, the shark can claim the entire tank and can become aggressive. Never keep a shark smaller than 55-gallon fish tanks. If you do, make sure to keep them with fast swimming fishes that do not have any long fins.


Saying that, here are the names of the couple of sharks that you can get for your 180 Gallons aquarium.


Red and Black Tail Sharks


These are two different variations of the Cyprinids family. These sharks tend to become aggressive to other sharks or shark-like fishes. That’s why you should not always keep other fishes in your 180 Gallons freshwater tank if you choose to keep these sharks. Never keep these sharks in tanks that are smaller than the 55-gallon freshwater aquariums. If you have a bigger aquarium, only then you can keep more than one of these kinds of sharks. The bigger space will allow them to form separate territory without fighting over it.


These sharks love to hide behind the thick plants and scavenge for food at the bottom of the tank. In optimal condition, these sharks can be alive for ten to twelve years. Even though these sharks can stay in almost every home aquarium, they prefer a pH level of 6.8 to 7.6. That is why you should not keep these sharks in the Cichlid tanks.


Rainbow Sharks


Rainbow Sharks are also one of the most popular freshwater sharks. Even though these sharks have physical similarities with the Red Tail Sharks, their shape is different. The Rainbow Sharks can grow up to seven inches long. That is why they prefer to live in fish tanks bigger than the 29 gallons aquariums. This species is extremely aggressive towards the other freshwater sharks. So, do not keep other freshwater sharks with the rainbow ones. These sharks are omnivores and can eat anything from tubifex worms to vegetable matters. However, they have a preference for vegetable matters. These sharks are voracious algae eaters. So, you can keep these sharks in your tank if you have an algae problem.


As these sharks love to stay in aquariums with calves and plants, you need to decorate your 180 Gallons fish tanks accordingly. These sharks are more tolerant to various pH conditions. Even though they thrive in pH condition 6.5 to 7.0, they will be happy even if the pH is anywhere between 6.0 to 8.0.


Bala Sharks


The Bala Sharks are silver-colored torpedo-shaped fish that are immensely popular among aquarists. These sharks grow up to one foot in favorable conditions. So, never keep these sharks in tanks that are smaller than the 55 gallons ones. These sharks, however, thrives in the bigger ones, like 180 Gallons fish tanks. Bala Sharks are very sociable and love to live in a shoal. However, if you want to keep one, you should maintain a 200 gallons fish tank.


These sharks are the mid-level swimmers. If you keep vegetations and hiding places in your aquarium, these sharks will keep on darting through them. But, the Bala Shark prefers to swim in the open water. In the bigger tanks, they get enough space for doing so. The fish is omnivorous in the wild but can easily adjust to the flakes you give them when they are in your fish tank,


Bala Sharks are very active fishes, and they tend to jump out of a smaller opening in a tank. So, if you intend to keep these sharks, you should put a tight lid on the top of your 180 Gallons aquarium.


All the above variations are some of the most popular freshwater sharks. Saying that, there are many other types of freshwater sharks from which you can take your pick. However, before doing so, make sure to read about their temperament and size. It will help you to decide whether the shark is right for your 180 Gallons fish tanks to set up.


all sizes gallon fish tanks aquarium for fishes pets
all sizes gallon fish tanks aquarium for fishes pets