2 Gallons Fish Tanks

A Full Guideline on Aquarium Maintenance


A fish tank or aquarium is a facility in which you can keep fishes and other aquatic organisms. The aquarium helps you to display the aquatic life of your choice and study them.


Even though many modern people have a penchant for maintaining 2 Gallons fish tanks in their homes, this hobby has not bloomed in modern times. Sumerians were the earliest people who knew the tricks of maintaining an aquarium. The evidence of aquariums was found in the ruins of ancient Assyria and Egypt.


It was the Chinese, who perfected the method of breeding the fishes in the aquarium about 1000 years ago. Romans were the earliest marine aquarists who kept marine life in ponds that were supplied with seawater. The modern method of keeping the fishes in the glass aquarium, however, is not that old. The trend started in the 1800s after the relationship between plants, animals, and oxygen became clear.


All that being said, it is still not an easy task to maintain the 2 Gallon fish tank properly if you are not well versed in this job. To help the beginners out, we have described some of the best aquarium maintenance techniques in the following section. Check it out to know more.


Cycling the Tank before Adding More Fish


Cycling. Have you ever heard of this term? Cycling means taking the required steps to improve the water conditions of the fish tank.


To make sure your fishes are healthy, keep the water quality of your freshwater aquarium at the optimum level. You should complete this process every time before you add fish to your aquarium. That means it is not advisable to buy the fishes and the 2 Gallons fish tanks on the very same day.


Allowing the growth of healthy microorganisms in the tank is also a part of this process. The microorganisms help to break down the fish waste and keep the water safe for the fishes. It takes some time for these organisms to grow in the fish tank. The experts suggest keeping a new freshwater fish tank running for a week before adding any fish.


You should never try to cycle the tank when there are already fish in it. It would be harmful to the fishes, which can lead to their death. So, even if you have forgotten about cycling the tank before adding fishes, skip the process entirely.


Keep Tabs on The Water Parameters


Keep tabs on various parameters of the aquarium water to ensure it is safe for your fishes. There are many inexpensive testing kits available in the market that you can buy. Check the levels of nitrate, ammonia, pH and nitrite in the fish tank water. Test the water parameters once a week to make sure everything is alright.


Change Water


Now the question is, what you should do to maintain the water level in the best condition. There are products available in the market that can help you manage the chemical levels of the water. However, it is always better to manage the process naturally than adding more chemicals to your fish tank.


Changing the water frequently is the right solution for all of your problems. Remove about one-third of the water from the fish tank while you are at it and replace it with fresh and clean water. The clean water dilutes the chemicals inside the tank and improves the condition of the tank. If you do not do this task on a regular basis, you will find it harder to keep the changing parameters of the water under control.


Learn About The Fish Before Purchasing it


Want to buy a new fish? Have you learned enough about it? Research every fish before making the purchase. Understanding the size, space requirements, and temperament of the fish will help you decide whether it is suitable for your 2 Gallons fish tanks. It will also help you determine whether the new fish will be able to adjust with the other fishes in the tank or whether you need to buy a separate freshwater aquarium for it.


Buying a fish only by its looks is a rookie mistake that you should never make. If you do not research the fish beforehand, you might buy an aggressive species without even realizing it.


Maintaining 2 Gallons aquarium is not a matter of a joke. You need to learn about the fishes as well as the methods of keeping them healthy and well. The more you research on this topic, the easier it would be for you to maintain it.


all sizes gallon fish tanks aquarium for fishes pets
all sizes gallon fish tanks aquarium for fishes pets