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Questions You Should Ask While Buying Fish For Your 30 Gallons Fish Tanks


There are no doubts that buying new fishes for 30 Gallons fish tanks is an exciting affair. It does not matter whether you are a new aquarist or an experienced one; getting fishes for your aquarium is always fun.


There are so many different varieties of fishes out there. That is why choosing one of them, almost always, becomes an overwhelming affair. Most aquarists make a list of the prospective fish species and then read about them. It helps them to reason with themselves and bring the best-suited ones for their collection.


If you do not have the time or the patience to do all the research before buying a fish, then the following list of questions is made only for you. These following questions will help you to secure important information without putting in the effort required for conducting extensive research. Take a look at the following section of this article to check out the questions.


How Big Will the Fish Become?


Most of the time, the fishes you see in the pet shops are babies. That means you cannot determine their sizes by checking them out in the pet shop. As you may already know, each of the fishes has different kinds of space requirements. It can become an issue if the fish grow to an unexpected length. That is one why you should always ask about the size of the mature fish while buying it. It will help you ensure that the fish will fit comfortably in your aquarium even when it becomes an adult.


What Does the Fish Eat?


It might seem a bit silly, but there is deeper reasoning for asking this question. As you may already know, most tropical fishes can stay healthy if you give them pellets, flakes or frozen food.


However, all these food options change according to the feeding technique of the fish. While some of the fishes have customized feeding style, others depend on live food. Some kinds of fishes are herbivores and like to nibble on fresh plants of your aquarium, while others can feed on the rest of the fishes of your 30 Gallons fish tanks.


Knowing the feeding habits and methods of the fishes you purchase will help you determine whether you have the dedication or means to feed it properly. Also, it helps you determine whether the new fish will devour the rest of the plants or the other fishes of the aquarium.


The Characteristics of the Fish


The characteristics of the fishes change depending on their breeds. You need to know which type of fishes you are bringing home to ensure it does not stress out the rest of the fishes in your aquarium.


For example, if you have peaceful breeds of fishes in your aquarium, bringing in an aggressive breed will put them under heavy stress. The aggressive fish will keep on chasing everyone else in your freshwater aquarium, which will stress them out.


While some of the aggressive fishes may not have the penchant for outright killing their tankmates, all these chasings, nippings and improper feeding will take their toll on the victim fish. It will make these fishes susceptible to diseases and can even cause sudden death.


Whether the Fish Is Territorial?


Do you think that being aggressive and territorial is the same? You are wrong!


There is a clear difference between being aggressive and territorial. Some fishes can be both, and others can be either. Unlike the aggressive fishes, the territorial ones tolerate the other tank mates as long as they have enough space to declare their boundaries. The territorial fishes may chase others if they come too close to the territory. But, otherwise, they will leave the fishes alone. Most territorial fishes do not like to share freshwater fish tanks with another fish of the same species. So, it is better to get just one for each tank.


Will The Fish Harm Other Fishes of Your Aquarium?


Make a list of various fishes you have in your aquarium while going out for purchasing new fishes. If you are not sure about the species of the fishes you have in your tank, take a picture of the tank and bring it to the shop. The store staff can recognize fishes. They can help you to choose the right fishes for your aquarium.


So, these are some of the common questions that you should ask while buying a new fish for your tank. There is no doubt that these questions will not give you the same understanding you gain from researching the fishes. However, the above questions are enough to help novice aquarists to choose the right kind of fishes for their freshwater aquarium.


all sizes gallon fish tanks aquarium for fishes pets
all sizes gallon fish tanks aquarium for fishes pets