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How to Get Rid of Algae from 5 Gallons fish tanks Naturally?


Fighting algae is a common problem for all aquarists. It is hard to find even a single aquarist who has not faced this problem even once in their lifetime. The only difference between an amateur and an experienced aquarist is that the latter person knows the tricks for solving these problems.


When you see green growth covering the sides of the aquarium, know that you have an algae problem in your 5 Gallons fish tanks. Algae growth is a common phenomenon in freshwater aquariums. Yet, if you do not control it in time, it can turn into a nightmare real fast. That’s why you need to learn the proper fish tank management techniques. It will help you to keep the algae bloom in your fish tank under a tight leash.


That being said, small algae build-ups on the driftwood is not that bad a thing. It gives your fish tank a more natural look. If the glass walls of your tank start to become green, it is the right time for you to take action. If you use the proper techniques, you can control the algae bloom.


Ways of Controlling Algae Growth


  • Get Algae Eaters


One of the easiest ways to control algae bloom inside your 5 Gallons fish tanks is to get a couple of algae-eating fishes. The experienced aquarists often toss a couple of such fishes inside the tank and wait for them to clean up the mess. Just keep tabs on the fishes or critters you add to your tank for controlling the algae bloom.


If you do not keep tabs on them, these fishes and critters can wreak havoc on the aquarium environment. The fishes can eat the algae and prevent the condition from getting worse.


However, only adding the algae-eating fish to the tanks will not solve your problem if the algae growth is extreme. In such cases, you have to remove the algae on your own. Use magnetic algae scrubbers to keep your tank clean.


  • Do Not Over Feed


Even if it can seem a bit unlikely, overfeeding your fish is one of the most common reasons for algae bloom in the tank. Overfeeding means an extensive amount of fish waste. Overfeeding also leads to extra fish food floating inside of the fish tank. Both act as great resources for the algae. If you do not control this factor, it will instigate the algae to bloom in your freshwater fish tank.


To stop this, study your fish and note how much they eat in a couple of minutes. Do not offer them more food so that it keeps on floating for days. It leads to the decaying of the fish food, which, in turn, leads to algae growth. Start a feed and fast schedule for your fish. Do you think this practice is cruel? You are wrong.


It is very difficult to starve any fish. By introducing this feeding method, you will be reducing the amount of waste in the fish tank, which, in turn, improves the condition of the fishes extensively.


  • Water Changes and Tank Maintenance


Keeping up the tank maintenance work is one of the simple methods of keeping algae growth under control. Change 30% of the tank water every week to improve the water condition of the fish tank. Also, do not forget to clean the aquarium every month. This simple routine will reduce the amount of algae food in the water and help you have a clean tank.


  • Algae and Lights


Do you have live plants inside of your aquarium? Then you should make sure that your 5 Gallons aquarium gets light for about 12 hours per day. However, if you only have plastic plants inside of your fish tank, controlling the exposure to light can help you reduce algae growth. Algae depend on light as it creates their own food through photosynthesis.


That means if you control the light exposure, they will not be able to grow as much. Remember, your fishes do not need as much light as you do. A dim light in the day time is enough for them.


  • Avoid Natural Sunlight


Consider the placement of the tank before you add fish to it. You should never put your 5 Gallons fish tanks in a place where they can get direct sunlight. Of course, the unavailability of daylight will help you to maintain the algae growth.


But, it is not the only reason why you should do so. Bright light is not healthy for your fish as well. It creates stress which can lead to various health issues.


All the above tips will help you to deal with algae problems. However, if you are taking aquarium care seriously, you should get a couple of aquarium testing kits. It will help you to keep the algae bloom under control.


all sizes gallon fish tanks aquarium for fishes pets
all sizes gallon fish tanks aquarium for fishes pets