60 Gallons Fish Tanks

How to Set Up a 60 Gallon Aquarium?


If you are planning to buy a large-sized aquarium, then you can go for the 60 gallon aquarium. This is a good option for beginners. You will also get a good stocking option and make a great collection.


The fish tank that you intend to create should be peaceful for the creatures living in the water. A standard 60 Gallon fish tank weighs around 111 lbs when kept empty and 710 lbs when it is filled with water.


Let’s go step by step.


Appropriate Tank


This is the most vital process and the most confusing one. You will get different brands for your 60 gallon aquarium and you need to choose the best one.


The important factors that should be kept in mind before making the purchase are:


  • Shape and weight of the tank
  • Material with which the 60 Gallons fish tanks are made
  • Availability of the kit in the market


60 Gallons Fish Tanks: Feature


Some of the features of the best 60 Gallon fish tank are:


  • Some aquarium is made of glass and built-in filtration system.
  • The 60 gallon aquarium near me offers exceptional clarity and a perfect underwater view.
  • They are best for freshwater, marine, and reef environment.
  • The aquarium kit includes LED Light, pumps, bio-filter equipment, and a glass canopy.


Correct Tank Stand


The second step is also important as it is an integral part of the step up. You will get the fish tank stands in different shapes and sizes.


  • They are made of medium-density fireboard (MDF) to put the 60 gallon aquarium in place.
  • Stands have triple coated water-resistant finish and pre-drilled holes for convenient routing of electrical cards.
  • The double door cabinet stand has four shelves with the door, which helps store the tank and accessories.


Adding Gravel


The next step is to add the gravel so that it adds beauty and creates a perfect marine atmosphere. The colorful gravel needs to be at the bottom. Well before placing it then wash it thoroughly. Approximately 50 to 70 pounds of substrate would be enough to decorate the bottom of the tank.


You need to spread it proportionately on the surface. After you have spread the gravel add appropriate water. Later on, you can follow the dechlorination process for the 60 Gallons fish tanks.


Adding Plants


They help to enhance the quality of water and help prevent algae growth produced due to organic debris and uneaten food. They help the fish to spawn and store the newly-hatched to hide and grow accordingly.


Adding Light


The correct intensity of light adds extra beauty to the aquarium. To mimic the day and night cycle appropriate light must be installed. Check the dimming capabilities as well.


Adding Fish


We have reached the fourth and one of the important steps of the 60 gallon aquarium set up process. You can add fishes of your choice. Since it is a huge fish tank you have plenty of options available.


Let’s consider some of the important factors.


  • The nature of the water is the major thing. Check whether it’s hard or soft, it will help you to decide what type of fish you can put.


  • You need to check the right temperature and follow proper cleaning process. If it is not done properly, then you will face an adverse situation. The overall ecosystem to be followed properly so that no damage is caused to the marine creatures.


  • Semi-aggressive fish should be kept separately. They might cause harm to the small ones in the 60 Gallons fish tanks. Try to keep a school of fish of the same type, they prefer their own company.


  • Try to avoid overcrowding of the fish and stocking, as it is not healthy.


Cycling of Water


The cycling of water is important as it forms bacteria. The whole system is based on The Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle. Let’s see how it goes on:


  • The fish and other organic matter produce ammonia waste inside the 60 Gallons fish tanks.
  • The Nitrosomonas convert ammonia into nitrate.
  • Further, the Nitrobacter bacteria convert nitrite into nitrate.
  • The plants use this nitrate in photosynthesis and release oxygen for the fish.


Maintenance Is Mandatory


Some of the routine maintenance that you need to follow are:


  • Regularly have a watch on the fish and their movement. Any abnormal changes do consult an expert.
  • Make sure the equipment is running properly.


Well, fill your 60 Gallon fish tank with proper fish and amazing stocking ideas. You can have a good collection of a wide range of fishes.


Decorate the 60 gallon aquarium near me of your choice. Try to create a unique combination by reducing the mistakes.


all sizes gallon fish tanks aquarium for fishes pets
all sizes gallon fish tanks aquarium for fishes pets