All About Full Grown Bearded Dragons – Weight, Size, Color, Pictures

Main information about full grown bearded dragons:

COMMON NAME: Bearded Dragons


TYPE: Reptiles

DIET: Omnivore

AVERAGE LIFE SPAN: 4 to 10 years

SIZE: 18 to 22 inches

WEIGHT: 10 to 18 ounces


What is a Bearded Dragon?

There are over 8 different types of full grown bearded dragons, consequently, each of them are identified by their shape and form.  Especially in the neck, colors, and chin styles. For instance, these are very hard to identify as they are very similar to each other.

Nature equipped them with spiny reptilian scales, because of that, the beard of spikes under their chin, the size of this may vary upon their animosity, and many other characteristics that fells in perfectly to fit the name of DRAGON.

The reason why the Bearded Dragons are among the most popular reptilians to be adopted as pets, is because they are very active during the day, which means, it will interact while you are looking at it; Very gentle, as it will not grab you hard, or bite you strong enough to create a wound. “Beardies” is a very cute name.


Habitat, Diet, Behavior

  • Habitat: Mostly seen across Australian lands, therefore, the bearded dragons tend to prefer warm, arid lands as the subtropicals areas among woodlands, savannas, and scrublands. It is crucial for bearded dragons to live in warm habitats as they need the sun to warm up and also need soft land to scrub under to hide from predators and in case of extreme heat.
  • Diet: Not a very picky species when it comes to eating. Eating all sorts of insects and leaves. The biggest and stronger insects become easy to jaw in for the bearded dragons. All thanks to a strong jaw.
  • Behavior: Adult / fully grown bearded dragons tend to show aggression, therefore, if it is needed to defend themself or their female companion, or for food. But as pets, they are very sweet and charming creatures.


When a Bearded Dragons are considered to be FULLY GROWN?

Until now, 19 human years old is the oldest bearded dragon. This is an exception as we all consider it regarding actual facts. As these reptiles spam of life is usually never over 16 years of age. In other words, the most productive years for full grown bearded dragons are between 2 and 12 years old ones.

For a possible pet, people tend to look for older bearded dragons as they have better-marked characteristics unique to them as the spines on the beard, among others. These sort of strong marks and old characteristics, therefore, start to show after 2 to 3 years old.


How big can get a Full Grown Bearded Dragon when fully grown?

There are many record braking data about huge bearded dragons, but the one that keeps the record so far is the popular STORY of “Big Dexter” with about 14ft long in size. In the real world, 24 inches was the biggest one recorded. This species of the bearded dragon was recorded on Pagona Vitticeps according to the-biggest. Not the larges reptile ever, but for the bearded dragon species, it is the longest one recorded until now.



Bearded Dragon skin color?

As you may notice in the following picture, bearded dragons come in a wide variety of interesting skin colors. As for the most popular colors found in nature, you can find them in tan, red, yellow, and black, in addition, sometimes with orange marks. These colors just mentioned above are just right for you as they are among the most popular if you are looking for an affordable beardie to purchase.

In total there are about 11 different morphs of bearded dragons, but these others are harder to find and expensive to purchase if you want to have them as a pet. However, just to mention a few, you may find the Witblits, Leatherback, Paradox, and Silkback .

How fast do they grow?

The first 3 months of life are the most important for the growth of a bearded dragon, during this time they will grow really fast! After the 3 months period, they will grow at least 1 or 2 more inches per month during the first year. For the 2nd year, you may expect to see a growth of about 1 or 2 inches per year if well kept and good food provided.

Its already developed and not much more to grow so it takes a bit more time after this time after the 2nd year for the reptile. Anyway, you may not consider them as adults until they are at least 1.5 years old.

0-1 months3-4 inches
2 months5-9 inches
3 months8-11 inches
4 months9-12 inches
5 months11-16 inches
6 months11-18 inches
8 months13-20 inches
12 months16-24 inches
Is there a cage for Beaded Dragons?

In the main sense of the word cage, above all, you might be wondering about iron bars and none-decorative, just practical objects within a box. But for a pet lover, we see more than just a box surrounded by bars. A pet lover sees a habitat, a place where the pet (reptilian) could live and grow for years to come, a place that allows the pet to find anything needed like food, toys, among other details, therefore, the should be happier in it.

We have uploaded a picture as a sample of how the habitat (cage) for a bearded dragon should look like: