Pet Care Services for Pets Owners

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Pet Care Services Recommendations Everything You Should Know About Pet Attention In this situation, pet care services work as a godsend for most pet owners. The pet parents, who want the help of a responsible and educated pet care provider, taking the help of professional pet sitters are a great option for them. Now the … Read more

All About Full Grown Bearded Dragons – Weight, Size, Color, Pictures


Main information about full grown bearded dragons: COMMON NAME: Bearded Dragons SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pogona TYPE: Reptiles DIET: Omnivore AVERAGE LIFE SPAN: 4 to 10 years SIZE: 18 to 22 inches WEIGHT: 10 to 18 ounces What is a Bearded Dragon? There are over 8 different types of full grown bearded dragons, consequently, each of them are identified by their shape and … Read more