All About Full Grown Bearded Dragons – Weight, Size, Color, Pictures


Main information about full grown bearded dragons: COMMON NAME: Bearded Dragons SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pogona TYPE: Reptiles DIET: Omnivore AVERAGE LIFE SPAN: 4 to 10 years SIZE: 18 to 22 inches WEIGHT: 10 to 18 ounces What is a Bearded Dragon? There are over 8 different types of full grown bearded dragons, consequently, each of them are identified by their shape and … Read more

Pet Care Services for Pets Owners

pet care services at petscarebox

Pet Care Services Recommendations Everything You Should Know About Pet Attention In this situation, pet care services work as a godsend for most pet owners. The pet parents, who want the help of a responsible and educated pet care provider, taking the help of professional pet sitters are a great option for them. Now the … Read more