Corgi Beagle Mix

All there is about Corgi Beagle Mix

Average Weight: 35 lbs, Fully Grown.

Corgi Beagle Mix Height: male 16 inches, female 14 inches, Fully Grown.

Mixed breed dogs commonly known as mutts are usually dogs in mixed breeding stock from different breeds in order to get offspring which mix characteristics from both breeds. Commonly, mixed breeds dogs are the result of the combining of two pure-bred dogs of different breeds. Prewell #9 is a Corgi mixed with another dog breed and called a Cockapoo. Other Prewell #9 is a Poodle mix with another curly coated lovable dog breed and called a Corgi-poo. Other mixed breed #9 includes Schnoodle, Hounds-r-vous, and Prongie or Pug-poordinate.

#10 is a mixture of the Schnoodle and the Poodle that are resulting in a big dog with small dog appearance. #9 should not suffer in the hip dysplasia category because of its parentage. The #9 parent is at risk for the same diseases and #10 bred to Schnoodle could lead to immune related diseases. If they are going to be show dogs, silky coated breeds would be better at guarding and protecting than their purebred parents. It is all about genetics in dog.

#9 is a smooth coated miniature cocker spaniel

It looks like Poodle but has more features of spaniel. At first glance, this dog appears to be happy but it is usually apprehensive of strangers and does not easily make friends.  The cordi will easily adapts to its master’s desires as long as it is given the proper training.

It is a handsome dog with smart and active personality. It is also a lovable toy dog and it loves to be with children.

#10 is a designer dog after designer leather collar. This company has recently launched a line of luxury dog collars. And, it uses only top quality leather as material for its diverse dog collars. The details are elegant and its price is not really high. And, in buying a luxury dog collar, this company is really confident to provide best quality and best prices as they are established and have gained a repute of providing best quality products to the pet supply chain. It usually pairs up with one, maybe two, familiar persons. It is a loyal dog and has good learning abilities.


#9 luxury dog collar by mahoganybrown

Is another unique blend between a buckle collar and flat leather. It has an exotic design which adapted from the buckle collar with wrap around neckline. Fixation of wide exotic buckle is strong thus it is recommended for strong dogs. It has a brown color with old gold hardware.

#10 is another unique take on the flat leather collar with a collar and leash. Good-looking and luxury design, this leash luxury dog leash also comes with metal hardware and isgie straps. Several segments can be adjusted to give a comfortable fit to your dog. Use it with a dog leash as stated in size chart. It is made of soft nylon materials which is flexible and sturdy. It measures 16″ inches long.

Without doubt, these ten luxury dog collars are all unique in appearance and made of high quality materials which can assure you that you love your dog in a very special way.

Corgi Beagle Mix Patch Designer Dog

I was delighted with the Corgi Beagle mix male and female dogs that I had seen at Crufts. I had mixed breed dogs for many years and always preferred particular breeds and one had always been Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s. That breed is notoriously active and if you are a fence jumper like me, you probably know that if you don’t have the run of the place and have a big fenced yard it can be a bit dull and rather monotonous.

I discovered that there are lots of other breeds that are very active as well. For example some people love the Border Collie and Doberman and really it is a great family dog. Toys such a tortoise and others are absolutely amazing at keeping the children occupied. I discovered that my dog patch has recently become a cargo carrier, a word that literally means “dog in International waters” and she certainly does have enough to keep me entertained at rest.

Half-Blood Puppies

On my previous blog post one of the beautiful half blood pups I had won at Crufts was methylotes. Now finally after speaking to mgm before this newest venture I had been considering entering them into competition at Scamp this year. If I am looking for a companion animal to win and love to win I need a dog like this to be successful. Here is Patch’ water dripping half bred Corgi female; selectively bred to produce a litter of four I should note.

One of the reasons I love the toy breeds is because they are so versatile and love to please you. Some of my dogs are my bitches and two of my labs. I have bred both long coated and wire haired. I believe the long coated really outer guiding coat that helps the dog to be more visible at night as well as keeping them incredibly warm.

Here are some of the qualities I would look for in a dog if I were starting a breeding program.

1.Patient. There are no quick and smart dogs. It takes time to produce healthy working stock.

2.Intelligent. Top notch smart dogs and quite easy to train.

3.Well balanced and healthy dogs. Dogs should be bred that will not pick apart parts of her body to eat and spit them back again. A dog must be durable and built strong.

4.Healthy. Healthy dogs are better for our long term well being as well as providing us withding and security. A robust dog will better have a sturdy bone structure and protruding jaw not loose clicking bones.

5.Energetic. Working and energetic dogs are more likely to have more endurance and stamina for extra shooting or chasing the group, jogging or running. For this reason a dog needs to be able to race or run.

6. joking aside they need to be able to eat anything including pizza shaped biscuits yet range of sizes andulence may annoy some of our local neighbours. Even if it means they will have to wait it out at a different time on the counter of our big ole’ house.

7. Not picky eaters. If you buy them for your kids they will go back for seconds, thirds or even fourths of the meal stick they have swallowed whole. Children will appreciate this visit to the vets for their much needed and much needed “informed opinion”.

Continue reading about puppies and Corgi Beagle mix…

8. Long coated or short haired dogs. Always ask the breeder before you purchase a dog. Remember to check the temperament of the parents of your dogs before you pick up their puppy. It will make a huge difference in how your dog grows up and what their temperament will be like when they become an adult.

9.How active are they now? Are they hyper active or more of a couch potato?Answer the breeder. If youruptight dog is showing behavior problems such as frequent barking, nipping and cannot sit still, you should not pick her. If you choose a dog that is hyper active you two should check out some of the local dog parks. Learn more about dog behavior problems before you commit to this fussy, pampered pet.

10.Do you want a strong dog or a dog mostly for the looks but a companion as well?There are different breeders of Corgis in the US and all over the world so you are sure to find a breed that in the right hands can become a companion dog as well. This is definitely a pet that does well in a family with older or less rambunctious children.

11.If your family is more sedentary answer yes or no to the next question. Do you want a dog that is great with your kids or a dog that will make you physically tired?

12.If your family has rambunctious children make sure you choose a dog that can put up with a little rough treatment as Corgis are known for the tough love they have for their families.


Originally bred as a herding dog the Corgi Beagle mix is also known as the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and Cardigan Welsh Corgi -ichever name they were given, these dogs are ancestors of the American Corgi. These dogs are fairly new to the United States and Canada. The ranks of this dog pack in other countries can be very confusing. It is a common belief that the American Corgi is the native Corgi breed of this country, however, this is far from the truth. The surfaced Corgi beagle is actually a Cardigan, thus this dog is classified in the Spitz family.


The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a fairly docile dog, and this is a dog that has an utter devotion to its family. This breed has a tendency to be somewhat obstinate, though it is not really all that retainful either. This is a rather pleasant dog that is very good-natured and always friendly with everyone. They are quite sensitive to discipline, and if you lead them into bad conduct they will acknowledge it.


The Cardigan Welsh Corgi should be brushed once a week for their long shaggy coat. They should be bathed once a month, and their long shaggy coat should be trimmed once in a while. This dog breed does not shed a lot, and if you reside in an area that is harsh due to them being out in the sun a lot, they will likely not be a suitable dog choice.


The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a highly intelligent dog, but they can seem to be fairly ill mannered. They can do very well when it comes to obedience training, and it is recommended that you tag this dog as having a stubborn streak. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi will try to keep the established status of their family in place, but they can often try and challenge this to no end. Due to the fact that these dogs are rather low to the ground most of the time, they will require a lot of energetic exercise in order to remain healthy.

Health Problems

Some Cardigan Welsh Corgis are prone to spinal disc problems, and this disease can cause them pain. These dogs also have problems with deafness, heart disease, epilepsy, and eye problems. At times the Cardigan Welsh Corgi has also been known to have hip dysplasia. But this appears to be more common in the American breeds. Some veterinary professionals believe the American Corgi is actually genetically more prone to hip dysplasia, and they recommend you buy from breeders who are reputable. American Corgis are apparently not as prone to the genetic problem as their English cousins are.

Other Concerns

Even though the American Corgi is supposed to be the toughest of the three Corgi breeds, they are not known to be any more hardy than any other dog. They are fairly average in their overall health spans, and it is hard to predict what their health concerns might be. They do tend to have problems with obesity, and you should be sure that you keep them lean. It is also recommended that you do not let them become overweight as this could lead to joint problems.