Pet Supplies Plus Grooming and Wash Near Me


Looking for Pet Supplies Plus Grooming places near you? The fastest way to get information on the services center where you can get Pet Supplies Plus Grooming near you is to run a quick search on google places in the following link (, after that, This will bring you all the results you are looking … Read more

All About Full Grown Bearded Dragons – Weight, Size, Color, Pictures


Main information about full grown bearded dragons: COMMON NAME: Bearded Dragons SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pogona TYPE: Reptiles DIET: Omnivore AVERAGE LIFE SPAN: 4 to 10 years SIZE: 18 to 22 inches WEIGHT: 10 to 18 ounces What is a Bearded Dragon? There are over 8 different types of full grown bearded dragons, consequently, each of them are identified by their shape and … Read more